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Hear from Our Customers

Sourcing music for an interactive film can be a complicated process. Working with Paul G Clark took away much of that stress. We quickly developed a strong working relationship and bypassed 90% of the headache. Can’t recommend this person enough. Highly professional. Adapts time after time until it sounds right.

Paul Irwin - TryLife Interactive Films

"I found Paul's Music online and asked him if he could compose some soundtracks for our up and coming Horror film. I received excellent service as Paul worked along with me the whole time so he knew exactly what kind of score I wanted. A great guy and providing top quality professional service, I would highly recommend"

Tony Gardner - Film Director, Iron Angel Film Productions

I have had a brilliant time recording with Paul, such a fun yet professional person to work with. It felt great that Paul made me feel like a team player from the very start, which set the tone and contributed to a very good positive and creative working environment. With his talent and years of experience in the music industry, he really puts his focus on you as the artist and brings out the best in you in every way that he can making your music sound great. I would highly recommend Paul G Clark Music for you next project!

Jenny Fraser

When it comes to making music, Mr Paul G Clark really knows how to stick a track together. ‘Keep Me Alive’ has that great retro feel that we love about Human X and in Kelz Divine the man has himself a cracking vocalist. When the bass kicks in I get that Fleetwood Mac vibe and its like Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks had a love child. The track itself is catchy and runs with great peaks and troughs.
The sax is excellent and Kelz conveys a magnificent range of emotion throughout with effortless delivery and a banging guitar solo towards the end. Another winner. Paul G Clark. You da man.

WildSpiritz Magazine

Working with Paul was one of the best choices I've made. He quickly settled any nerves and anxiousness I was feeling by showing a genuine interest in my ideas, and really gave 100% towards producing something I'm incredibly proud of. Paul made it happen, and really took it to another level for me. Highly professional, does what you ask for and with his own input broadens the boundaries.

Helen Ashman

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